Welcome to our first edition of INsights, where we will explore our thoughts on design and construction. You will notice the IN is large, as it is in our INsensation logo, because we will put an emphasis on the interior aspect of design. Insensation means ‘interior sensation’, and even though we also manufacture very high-end exterior, entrance doors, these doors are also have an interior side which we can design to match the frameless interior doors of a luxury residence.

The first topic we will explore is universality. One of the unique aspects of our 2″ thick Insensation frameless doors is that they work the same whether push-in or pull-out, whether single or double, whether ceiling-high or not, whether pivoting in or out, we use the same products, the same exact hidden frame, the same materials. This is unique in the frameless world, as most other frameless doors have separate frames and door thickness for a push and pull door and have not been able to achieve one product for all configurations. Other manufacturers have different, inferior door thicknesses of 1 3/8″ or 1 3/4″ depending on push or pull.  No luxury home should have such thin doors. Our frameless swing doors work in any kind of wall of any thickness, unlike steel-based framed doors which have enormous design restrictions and quality problems with wall cracking.

Universality also applies to who can install our doors. While many companies will attempt to sell you their own installers, every product we design is engineered to be installed by any contractor. We often get requests from designers and architects claiming their contractors will not install our frameless doors. Our answer is always the same. If the contractor can’t use a drill and apply drywall, then they are not a contractor. It is that easy. Just this week we had a designer in Miami claiming her contractors would not install our doors because they have never done it. This particular designer also insisted that the frames be installed separately from the doors, which is an antiquated concept used with poorly engineered frameless doors. Insensation frameless doors do not come in dozens of pieces for your contractor to spend weeks putting together and praying to get a good result. Our doors are pre-milled, pre-hung and pre-assembled, completely prepared to be fit into the rough openings of a wall, with the door leaf hanging and everything prepared for our extensive lines of levers, pulls and locks.  There is no need for an expensive installation process when you understand what you are doing. If your subcontractors are messy, our doors can be protected during the plaster and painting phases. Probably 60-70% of our contractors do not even cover the doors during the finishing stages, as they work cleanly and professionally.

To sum it up, universality saves time and money, guarantees a perfect installation, and is the key indicator if a door is well engineered or not.























Insensation is headquartered in North America in New York, NY and in Europe in Basel, Switzerland. We deliver worldwide using the best Swiss transport company.