Insensation Frameless doors are available in single, double and ceiling-high versions using proven, modern lockcases, concealed hinges and high-end door hardware, which is pre-milled and pre-installed in our factory. The doors are specified by both architects and design-build contractors who appreciate precise engineering and high quality.

For those projects where a frameless door is too minimalist for the client, we have created a series of interior doors which has wood or aluminum jambs. The doors are available with wood or glass door leafs. These high-quality, pre-hung modern doors cost significantly less than traditional American door productions, and they don’t have the antiquated paneled look from the colonial times.

Traditional steel doors are a thing of the past. Our metal interior doors and walls are made of glass with slender corrosion-free aluminum profiles.  The profiles have been designed symmetrically with attention to detail, so that both sides of the door are equal. This creates a sleek and minimalist appearance. Unlike steel doors, there are no bulky profiles, no weld marks and no costly painting needed on site. Made from high-grade aluminum, although still heavy, these high-end doors do not have any of the disadvantages of steel productions – and they cost less and have no unsightly imperfections. Precision soft-stop, self-closing pivots and a large selection of color and glass awaits you in this whole new world.