Insensation designs, engineers and delivers high-tech staircases, innovative interior doors, armored security doors and architect-designed door hardware. We provide trade pricing to architects, building contractors and tradespeople. Private clients should get their architects or contractors involved as there are often complex technical and engineering details involved. All our products are high-value, custom manufactured in Europe and shipped directly to construction sites around the world.

For pricing inquiries, please use the following form. Please make sure you have reviewed our entry-level pricing for the products you wish quoted, to make sure your project has sufficient budget:
Interior Doors | Frameless Doors
Entrance Doors | Security Doors
Staircases | Railings

Please note there are minimum quantities, determined by the cost of packaging and shipping, for most of our products as follows:
Interior Doors: 5 doors (Production time 4-6 weeks)
Frameless Door Frames-Only: 1 frame (Production time 1 week)
Door Hardware: 12 pair levers (Production time 2 weeks)
Entrance Doors: 1 door (Production time 8 weeks)
Staircases: 1 staircase (Production time 6 weeks)

There are no minimums for orders shipped to Europe.

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