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Companies: 2 (USA and Switzerland)
Years in business: 28
Clients: over 8500 (professionals)
Showrooms: 7 in USA

Focus: frameless doors, entrance pivot doors
Territory: clients across the USA and Canada and in 14 countries in Europe

Annual production capacity: 15,000 doors
Average production time: 5 weeks

Best in Class
(measured by quality, value, design options and ease of installation)

for 2'' Universal Pre-Hung and Pre-Assembled Frameless Doors (same door for all walls, push and pull, any drywall, advanced cores, concealed hinges)
for Secure Pivot Entrance Doors (security for high-net-worth owners)
for Architectural Door Hardware
In North America, we consult and sell to architects, designers, property developers, general contractors and trades people of all types. Since 2015, we have delivered to building sites across the USA and Canada.

We occasionally publish pictures of some our projects. The lastest picture book is here.

In Europe, we have clients in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.  

In addition to thousands of private clients with extraordinary homes, we have served banks, insurance companies, asset management companies, pension funds, museums, hospitals, doctors, lawyers, local governments, architects and engineers since 1997.


Pricing, Ordering & Timing

Our pricing for doors is based mostly on the height of the door frames. All widths up to 36" cost the same.
Please note there no minimum quantities, but there is a minimum packing and delivery fee to the USA of $1900.
Delivery fees in Europe are much less.
The times to manufacture Insensation doors is in general 6 weeks. There are exceptions as follows:
Interior doors: 4-6 weeks
Door Hardware: 3 weeks
Entrance doors: 5-6 weeks
Transportation times from our factories in Europe to the building site depends on the location.
Europe: generally 1-2 weeks by truck
USA and Canada: approx. 1-2 weeks by air cargo
USA and Canada: approx. 6 weeks by ocean cargo


Product Overview

Insensation FRAMELESS doors come in 6 versions:
Frameless Swing (single, double, ceiling-high, fixed panel above door)
Frameless Duo (double, ceiling-high)
Frameless Pocket (single, double, ceiling-high, fixed panel above door)
Frameless Slide (single)
Frameless Bypass (double, ceiling-high)
Frameless Pivot (single, double, ceiling-high, fixed panel above door)

The Insensation Frameless Swing door is a 2’’ leaf, significantly thicker, heavier, acoustically and aesthetically superior to other frameless doors. The high-end 3D concealed hinges, magnetic lockcases and acoustic gaskets are pre-installed in the door leaf and pre-hung in the door frame prior to delivery.

Insensation's frameless door is a universal product - one identical solution for push-in or pull-out and co-planarity with either wall. It works with all wall widths and types.

Insensation frameless doors are designed by engineers, ensuring you technologically advanced systems. The frameless swing doors are available for both 1/2’’ and 5/8’’ drywall, as well as EU versions for drywall, plaster and Fermacell. All elements of the door can be customized in finish and color - leaf, frame, lockcase, hinges, accoustic gaskets - resulting in a unique design element for high-end real estate.

A large range of architectural levers and locks is available from our selection and we mill the door leafs for free for any hardware chosen from our range.

All Insensation doors are manufactured according to ISO and have US EPA and FSC environmental certifications.

We do not stock standard doors. All our doors are custom made for each project.

Technical Specs
DWG and Planning
Our GLASS interior doors are made of security glass and slender, corrosion-free, aluminum profiles. These profiles are much slimmer than traditional steel door profiles.

The profiles have been designed symmetrically with attention to detail, so that both sides of the door are equal. This creates a sleek and calm appearance. There are no weld market and no imperfections as seen on steel doors

Our doors and partitions are maintenance-free and made to measure.

The design elements are available as:
Glass Pivot Doors
Glass Hinged Doors
Glass Folding Doors
Glass Sliding Doors
Fixed Wall Panels
Shower Enclosures
Single, Double, Fixed and Door combinations

The safety glass is either laminated or tempered, according to the project requirements, and comes in transparent, bronzed, grey, green or matt hues.

The pivot doors come standard with soft-close and auto stop at 90°. The sliding doors are available with an optional soft-close in both directions.

Technical Specs
DWG and Planning
State-of-the-art, high-quality, architectural DOOR HARDWARE - levers, locks and accessories, designed and manufactured in Europe by architects, and brought to you by Insensation.

The full range of our exclusive door levers, locks and pulls is on display in all of our showrooms in New York, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Insensation manufactures outstanding secure, PIVOT entrance doors, co-planar entrance doors and secure aluminum entrance doors. All the doors are a minimum of 8 locking points, some have more.

The PIVOT doors are 3.75'' thick, outperforming thinner doors in both security and luxury. The doors are custom designed to your project. A large range of materials and finishes is available.

We also manufacture panic room doors and bullet-proof doors for high-end residences and businesses.

Technical Specs
DWG and Planning


Quality, Certifications, Awards

Insensation was founded in Switzerland in 1997 and expanded to the USA in 2015. We have served over 8500 contractors and architects. Insensation USA is headquartered in Manhattan, New York and has 7 showrooms in major city centers in the USA. Insensation excels in innovation, quality and financial stability, and has served superior architects for decades.

Switzerland ranks as the 7th largest foreign investor in America. Swiss affiliates directly support half a million jobs in the USA and account for 8% of the 499,100 jobs created by all foreign affiliates in New York, only behind much larger nations like France, Canada, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom.
All our products adhere to high international standards and norms.

Manufacturing: ISO 9001:2015 certified products CE. Also doors with performance certification in burglar resistance, sound insulation and thermal insulation
Solid Core Doors: US EPA TSCA Title VI - 40 CRF Part 770: Emission Standards for Composite Wood Products from 93120 - 93120.12, title 17, California Code of Regulations by the California Air Resources Board (CARB)
Tubular Core Doors: US EPA TSCA Title VI - 40 CRF Part 770: Emission Standards for Composite Wood Products from 93120 - 93120.12, title 17, California Code of Regulations by the California Air Resources Board (CARB)
Honeycomb Core Doors: Forest Stewardship Council, FSC-STD40-004 V3-0; FSC-STD-50-001 V2-0

Door Hardware
ISO 14001: 2015 environmental management system
EN 1906:2012: Building hardware - Lever handles and knob furniture
EN 1670:2007 Building hardware. Corrosion resistance. Requirements and test methods
EN 1634 -2: 2008 – Fire resistance and smoke control

Doors Hardware Model 2055: Red Dot design Award, 2013

Our products are regularly seen in major design publications for projects done by renown architects.