July 2, 2020By Richard GellesAllgemein, NEWS, NEWS LEVERS

New York, 2 July 2020 Our door levers, like all our products, express minimalism.  We resonate with design which is pure and combines finishes like glass, natural stone, concrete, subtle colors and geometric shapes with functional design. New Lever Site   +++ Insensation is based in North America in New York, NY and in Europe in … Read More


June 26, 2020By Richard GellesNEWS, NEWS STAIRS

New York, 26 June 2020 Occasionally one project moves our emotions and gives us an indescribable feeling. This project utilizes white aluminum, glass treads, extra clear glass for the railings and black handrails. The stair treads are illuminated for a sexy feeling at night. Enjoy this clean summer feeling all year round. Learn about our … Read More


June 3, 2020By Richard GellesNEWS

New York, 3 June 2020 Living in a busy world requires reduction – explicitly reduced living and work environments, where sensual overload is no longer desired or required. Insensation has been specialized in frameless door technologies for over 15 years.    Our experience has shown us how to implement outstanding, reliable and easily-installed doors using … Read More


May 5, 2020By Richard GellesNEWS, NEWS DOORS

New York, 5 May 2020 Our entrance doors are custom made in size, color and design. Exclusive PIVOT, COPLANAR, DOUBLE, ALUMINUM and CLASSIC versions up to 4” in thickness and 13′ in height make for a complete program for any style of architecture. A large array of glass, cement, wood or aluminum finishes, as well … Read More


April 22, 2020By Richard GellesNEWS, NEWS STAIRS

New York, 22 April 2020 Insensation has been specialized in metal staircases for two decades. In Europe, the use of materials like metal, concrete and stone are prevalent in modern architecture. We are pleased to bring you Suspension Staircases. The staircases are constructed with 10 mm steel plates, closed risers and stainless steel suspension cables. … Read More


March 17, 2020By Richard GellesNEWS, NEWS STAIRS

Staircases have been our speciality for over 20 years. Using our selection of design surfaces in our stair studio in New York on 31st Street  – from low-iron glass to massive oak, colors and geometrical shapes –  as well as our stair TOOLBOX, an architect can configure a staircase in about an hour. Insensation delivers … Read More


February 7, 2020By Richard GellesNEWS, NEWS DOORS

New York, 7 February 2020 EMEZZI™ Glass partitions and doors harmonize perfectly with frameless wooden doors in minimalist architecture. The new glass doors pivot and sliding doors are on display in our New York studio. Manufactured with safety glass and slender corrosion-free aluminum profiles, the doors and partitions are maintenance-free and made-to-measure according to your desired design … Read More


January 24, 2020By Richard GellesBLOG

23 YEARS OF INNOVATION 23 Years – 5000 Clients – 11 Countries Today we celebrate 23 years of Insensation. While over half of all companies do not survive their first year in business, we have been spreading our knowledge for quite a long time. It is amazing to think that we have over 5000 clients, … Read More


January 10, 2020By Richard GellesNEWS

New York, 10 June 2020 Among the design choices of Convex® Design hardware is a new model manufactured in the heritage of greek classic design. “Kanelaz” is a premium family of brass products, characterized by engravings, an ancient technique used in jewelry, which transforms an object into a work of art giving it a special … Read More


January 7, 2020By Richard GellesNEWS, NEWS STAIRS

New York, 27 May 2020 The railings and balustrades are manufactured with laser technology and are made of 8 mm steel, powder coated. A 40×40 mm wood handrail can be used on top. They are mounted to the side of our steel staircases or to the face of the slab. Ideal for minimalist and design … Read More


January 1, 2020By Richard GellesNEWS, NEWS DOORS

Living in a busy world requires reduction, simplicity, clarity. As we move into this new decade, we wish you peace and health, and lots of things which are timeless. We have some new minimalist products coming soon. TABLES Insensation is based in North America in New York, NY and in Europe in Basel, Switzerland. We … Read More


December 29, 2019By Richard GellesNEWS, NEWS STAIRS

Basel, 29 December 2019 Architects and contractors around the globe appreciate our unique designs and high quality staircases. From Santa Monica to Switzerland, our staircases are installed in fine homes and professional studios wanting something more, something unique. Our slim constructions are structurally sound, and don’t require the massive weight and unsightly bulk of steel … Read More


December 8, 2019By Richard GellesAllgemein, NEWS, NEWS DOORS

Insensation is known for its expertise in the use of sustainable aluminum in construction, particularly in the areas of doors and staircases. Our 20 year existence, with over 5000 client projects around the world makes us a good choice when considering the cost savings/benefit of implementing aluminum over steel or wood in these areas. Insensation … Read More


December 4, 2019By Richard GellesNEWS, NEWS DOORS

For architects and contractors seeking a complete interior frameless pocket door, without having to source the track, hardware, wall reception piece, floor guide or drywall studs themselves, Insensation offers oneplane™ FP1, a turn-key solution which is both of high acoustic quality and eliminates any installation errors of the pocket on building sites. The architect no … Read More


December 4, 2019By Richard GellesNEWS

Insensation was founded in Switzerland in 1997. We started our Manhattan-based North American operations in 2015 and since that time have enjoyed a steady growth thanks to great collaboration from architectural firms, property developers and contractors of all types.   Today, we are extremely pleased to announce that we are opening a new distribution arm … Read More


December 1, 2019By Richard GellesNEWS

Working with an extremely talented developer who possesses an innate understanding of design and materialization, Insensation provided all the doors in this luxurious new residence in the Hamptons. The project encompassed 40 frameless lacquered doors, frameless pocket doors, glass frameless doors, glass sliding doors and the exclusive door hardware for them. The 2-inch thick Insensation … Read More


November 23, 2019By Richard GellesBLOG

REVEALATION Having lived on both sides of the Atlantic, twenty-nine years in Europe and twenty-nine years in the USA, I can assure you there is a huge difference in construction methods on the two continents.  I was impressed when I moved to Switzerland in 1990.  The solidity of the construction was far beyond the wood … Read More


November 21, 2019By Richard GellesNEWS

Sales Representatives New York, Los Angeles, Miami Insensation was founded in Switzerland over 20 years ago, and is specialized in high-quality doors, hardware, staircases, railings and specialized furniture. We are expanding our North American operations and seeking additional Sales Representatives in several geographies to work with our motivated teams. Our products are unique and of … Read More


November 17, 2019By Richard GellesAllgemein, NEWS, NEWS STAIRS

Insensation was proud to deliver two custom, glass staircases for an outstanding piece of architecture on Greene Street in Soho, NYC. The loft is a precisely detailed living space with an amazing layout over 3 floors. We got to spend some time with the contractor during the staircase installation and were enormously impressed with the … Read More


November 10, 2019By Richard GellesBLOG

LOVER’S OBJECT Growing up in close proximity to Manhattan, I spent every weekend of my younger years in the Village and Soho, which at the time was the height of ‘loft living’ – real factory space turned habitable – nothing like what people call lofts today. Being a minimalist at heart, there was nothing I … Read More