Insensation Frameless Doors lead the market due to our superior thickness, universal-engineered door frame, wide spectrum of hardware and our unique INtact Installation which saves significant time and money on building sites.   10 years ago we introduced the American market to our innovative high-performance door cores.  Now we further innovate the door outer layers with a state-of-the-art material to serve the exclusive needs of our clients.

Our standard door structure is comprised of 2 outer layers of 7 mm MDF and a variable-width high-tech core.   This construction has proven to be superior for longevity, ease of installation and provide unique integration capabilities with emerging components. American and Italian manufacturers typically have 2 or 3 mm outer layers, making for a very weak door construction.  In addition to our already excellent engineering, we are pleased to announce the integration of Swiss CDF (Compact Density Fibreboard) in all our unique frameless doors.

CDF refers to the compactly compressed fibreboard (> 1,000 kg/m3) that gives the product such enormous stability. Thanks to its multi-ply construction, SWISSCDF is predestined for complex and filigree milled structures. SWISSCDF complies with the fire classification according to EN 13501-1 and therefore is also suitable for use in “flame-retardant” areas.

Swiss CDF is the future of modern door construction and is now available as an option on all Insensation doors.

Insensation is headquartered in North America in New York and in Europe in Basel, Switzerland. We deliver worldwide using the best Swiss transport company.