Insensation has a standard range of real oak veneers, as well as numerous RAL colors in matt, super matt and gloss in our selection.


The wide range of door finishes from standard white matt lacquer (RAL 9016) to exclusive coloured lacquer matching the standards of italian cabinetry, allows you to meet any budget for any project.

All our door leafs come in 259 matt and gloss colors.




Insensation also has a custom range of white oak veneers.  These veneers have a longer production time (+ 1-2 weeks) and require sample approval before production.



Depending on the height and width of the door, our leafs are available in Honeycomb, Tubular Core or Solid Core.

Insensation’s honeycomb core is a perfect hexagonal shaped strong and lightweight core made of 100% recycled paper.  It has high pressure strength and is FSC-certified. Because most of our doors are 2” (50 mm) thick and with a very thick skin, even the honeycomb core doors are quite heavy.

Insensation’s tubular core offers better sound protection and is significantly heavier, without the significant disadvantages of solid core door. Our doors have a very low thickness swelling and a very high impact resistance. Our 2” tubular core doors have a better acoustic performance than a typical 1 3/8” or 1 3/4” solid core door.

Insensation also offers solid cores on some products. Although they are generally overkill for a luxury home, they sometimes make sense in recording studios, banks and schools. The solid core 2″ leafs, in combination with self-closing hinges and drop-down seals, are also used where a fire-rating is needed.

Below:  Core values only

Solid Core (32 dB), Tubular Core (30 dB), Honeycomb Core (26 dB)

These values do not include the double 7mm MDF skins on the doors, which significantly increase the acoustic protection beyond any standard solid core door.