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The other Pivot doors on the market are thin and don’t have half of your security features – and they cost more! Contractor, Los Angeles


All finishes, all colors, all configurations : 8 weeks plus delivery.
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European entrance doors and armored security doors offer a unique alternative to traditional wooden or fiberglass doors. The doors are available in a wide range of wood, glass, cement and metal finishes, are of very high quality and security and have a thickness of 95 mm. This is almost 4” which is practically double the thickness of the average american entrance door.

The Pivot entrance doors are secured by 8 locking points. American doors generally have one locking point.

Each entrance door is custom made with left and/or right and/or top fixed panels.

The integrated handle option is the ultimate luxury. High-security options are available for all our entrance doors. Biometric (finger-print) and state-of-the-art electronic locking using PINcodes, smart phones, keyfobs or cards is available.

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Hydro Oil are deep stains used on oak veneered panels applied on plywood for exterior use.
Oak Veneers can be used where weathering is not a problem.
Aluminum Effects are durable aluminum panels which imitate wood and other finishes.
Aluminum Powder Coat are finishes available in many RAL colors and can be flat panel or paneled effect.

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The security and entrance doors come in a wide range of configurations with optional top. left and right panels.