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  • We deliver world-wide. We have served over 5000 clients.
  • We sell our unique products to contractors and people in the trades, architects, designers.
  • Some of our products are available for wholesale markets – like our furniture and door kits.  Ask us if you want to put our products in your portfolio.
  • We do not manufacture fire-rated products.
  • We operate in several countries and in many time zones.  You are likely to get a faster answer from us by email rather than by phone.  Our headquarters are in New York, NY and Basel, Switzerland.


  • The minimum interior door order is 5 doors
  • The minimum exterior door order is 1 door


  • We manufacture complete staircase projects including the stairs, landings, railings and balustrades
  • It is generally cheaper for contractors to buy from us instead of building their own stairs, since we have vastly optimized costs and engineering.

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