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A few important notes:

  • We sell our custom products with trade pricing to contractors and people in the trades, architects, designers.
  • If you are a home owner, please have your contractor contact us for quotes.
  • We design and manufacture and deliver world-wide.  Installations are done by your contractor, or we can recommend one in some cities.  We have served over 5000 clients.
  • We don’t publish gobs of glossy product catalogs.  We spend our time on engineering and creating amazing products with superb materials.  Clients tell us our stairs and doors cost half and are technically better than those from the ‘glossy brochure’ companies.
  • We have a cute flyer if you want a fast overview of some of what we do.  Click cute flyer.
  • Some of our products are available for wholesale markets – like our furniture and door kits.  Ask us if you want to put our products in your portfolio.
  • We sell our staircases to other stair companies. It is sometimes better for them to buy from us instead of building their own. We will do the engineering for you.
  • We operate on several continents and in many time zones.  You are likely to get a faster answer from us by email rather than by phone.  Our headquarters are in New York, NY and Basel, Switzerland.
  • Don’t worry, be happy.

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