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Insensation® is a New York State corporation based in Manhattan and has its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. With a long and successful history, Insensation brings proven engineering, Swiss financial management and a wealth of knowledge for our clients’ projects across North America and Europe. Founded in Switzerland in 1997, Insensation is dedicated to increasing the real and aesthetic value of real-estate.  Our design principles are our life principles – living in a busy world requires reduction, simplicity, clarity. We utilize the best European engineering and manufacturing principles to achieve clean lines and less installation complexity. Insensation excels in innovation, quality and financial stability, and has served superior architects for decades. All of our companies are debt-free and financially independent.

Insensation® has several global brands and delivers timeless products. Our unique products have attracted renown American and international architects for their projects. Our clients are local and global architecture firms, general contractors of all sizes, tradesmen and all those who appreciate good design and quality in their construction projects. Private clients are encouraged to get their architect or contractor involved, as the products are technically advanced and require industry knowledge to specify. We have over 8500 highly pleased architects and contractors in our portfolio.

All our products are made-to-measure and manufactured in Europe within 4-6 weeks, depending on product, quantity and complexity. We offer attractive discounts to contractors and architects ordering in large quantities. We ship via sea cargo or air cargo, depending on your budget and project needs.

Insensation® is specialized in two product lines –  minimalist doors (interior and exterior) and architectural door hardware. All our products are engineered and manufactured in Europe (Switzerland, Greece, Germany and the Netherlands) in modern, efficient production facilities. We import daily to North America from Europe using a Swiss transport company from our headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. Insensation provides Real-Time-Tracking for all our ocean shipments.


Los Angeles, Zurich, London, Paris, New York, Berlin, Miami, Chicago, Geneva, Boston, East Hampton, Washington DC, Calgary, Vienna, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle, Munich, Denver, Montreal, Basel, Austin, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Vancouver. Just a few of the places where Insensation doors are installed.


Insensation Inc.
31 East 31st Street
New York, NY 10016-6829

T (800) 992 7370
General Business Conditions

Our North American corporation, founded in 2015, consults and sells to architects, designers, property developers, general contractors and trades people of all types. We deliver nationwide to building sites and to contractors.

Insensation’s advanced technology doors, used in projects across the USA and favored by top-tier modernist architects, have been showcased in Dwell, Interior Design and Wallpaper publications. Insensation has a storefront shop in the design district of Manhattan, located on 31st Street between Madison and Park Avenues, the shop is dedicated to the design of minimalist doors, and architectural door hardware. We also have shops in San Francisco in the Showcase Design District, in Miami on Biscayne Boulevard, in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, in SoWa Boston, in EaDo Houston and in Chicago Belmont.

Ask us for a quotation for your next project. You will be pleasantly surprised.