“We will continue to press all the boundaries in frameless door engineering as we leave our subtle marks on the architecture of this century.” – Richard Gelles

Insensation was founded in Switzerland with the explicit principle to promote minimalism in architecture. Having worked with some of the most impressive European architects and engineers of this generation, founder Richard Gelles has been developing property and designing products since 1997. His unique background in design, construction, law and finance have culminated in world-class products used by minimalist architects in 16 countries.

After implementing the very first frameless doors in 2002, Richard began a journey of product development which led him to being the world’s foremost expert in frameless technologies. The products receive accolades from industrial designers, engineers and architects alike, all people who study and appreciate the intricate details of design and functionality. Where most frameless products fail at durability, customization and ease of installation, Insensation’s frameless doors remain technologically far ahead of all others. This is accomplished by a network of European family-owned businesses like Insensation, which guarantee best-in-class engineering, components and high-tech manufacturing never seen in this industry.

Insensation’s intimate ‘swiss-like’ showroom located on 31st Street, between Park and Madison Avenues in Manhattan, serves as a design studio for its frameless and pivot entrance doors. Insensation also has showrooms in the city centers of Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco and Houston. In Europe, we deliver to clients in 14 countries. Insensation does not work with distributors and manages its own showrooms and sales network.

Richard is a member of the American Institute of Architects.