July 2, 2020

New York, 2 July 2020 Our door levers, like all our products, express minimalism.  We resonate with design which is pure and combines finishes like glass, natural stone, concrete, subtle colors and geometric shapes with functional design. New Lever Site   +++ Insensation is based in North America in New York, NY and in Europe in … Read More


June 26, 2020

New York, 26 June 2020 Occasionally one project moves our emotions and gives us an indescribable feeling. This project utilizes white aluminum, glass treads, extra clear glass for the railings and black handrails. The stair treads are illuminated for a sexy feeling at night. Enjoy this clean summer feeling all year round. Learn about our … Read More


June 3, 2020

New York, 3 June 2020 Living in a busy world requires reduction – explicitly reduced living and work environments, where sensual overload is no longer desired or required. Insensation has been specialized in frameless door technologies for over 15 years.    Our experience has shown us how to implement outstanding, reliable and easily-installed doors using … Read More


May 5, 2020

New York, 5 May 2020 Our entrance doors are custom made in size, color and design. Exclusive PIVOT, COPLANAR, DOUBLE, ALUMINUM and CLASSIC versions up to 4” in thickness and 13′ in height make for a complete program for any style of architecture. A large array of glass, cement, wood or aluminum finishes, as well … Read More


April 22, 2020

New York, 22 April 2020 Insensation has been specialized in metal staircases for two decades. In Europe, the use of materials like metal, concrete and stone are prevalent in modern architecture. We are pleased to bring you Suspension Staircases. The staircases are constructed with 10 mm steel plates, closed risers and stainless steel suspension cables. … Read More