“Frameless sliding doors with an invisible guide – Insensation is always ahead of the pack!” – Architect, Chicago

Leafs and kit (all finishes, all colors, all configurations) : 4-6 weeks plus delivery.
Technical and Configuration Details

The Frameless Slide doors offer invisible track technology. Three versions are available and enhance our FS1 Frameless Swing and FP1 Frameless Pocket lines. All versions include soft-stop technology in both directions.

Insensation’s FL1 is advanced European door technology. Our 2” (50 mm) door leafs provide outstanding luxury and superior sound protection over standard american and italian doors. The state-of-the-art german cores, allow perfect design and function for high-end projects.

The doors are delivered standard with high-quality lacquered or veneer finishes.

Insensation’s INTACT intelligent installation saves contractors thousands of dollars in labor cost and shortens the entire installation process significantly since we do most of the work in our factory. This is as easy as it gets.

Additional technical details can be found on the Technical page.

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Frameless Slide is available in 3 versions:
Zero: the door leaf completely covers the door opening
Sixty: the door leaf opens to 60 mm less than the wall opening
OneTwenty: the door leaf opens to 120 mm less than the wall opening

The height of the door leaf is 70 mm (2.75 inches) larger than the wall opening.
The maximum height of the wall OPENING is 36 inches in width and 96 inches in height.