Insensation manufactures unique designer staircases that contain not too much and not too little. This principle allows engineered designs for which there is nothing comparable on the rest of the market. We don’t imitate, we invent.

The base of our staircases is anodised aluminum. Our goal is to continually develop stairs that can be installed in the most diverse interiors, ranging from very modern and contemporary to more classical and even rustic.

We set the bar very high for our designs. We develop staircases that are both durable and timeless, our ultimate goal is to bring a considerable added value into your projects.

Interested in a metal staircase manufactured in anodised aluminum, perhaps combined with structural glass, natural stone or massive wood? Contact us or visit one of our offices.

As our staircase offering is quite extensive, we have created a specific website which you can link to below:


If you see a project you like, let us know. We will be happy to use our expertise to help you master minimalism in your architectural projects.