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All finishes, all colors, all configurations : 8 weeks plus delivery.

Insensation has been specialized in metal staircases for two decades. In Europe, the use of materials like metal, concrete and stone are prevalent in modern architecture. We are pleased to bring you Suspension Staircases.

The staircases are constructed with 10 mm steel plates, closed risers and stainless steel suspension cables.   Please refer to the Technical tab above.

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The steel is available as chrome-plated, powder-coated in any color, or brushed finishes.

USA: code compliant with closed risers
EU: code compliant in most countries

The stairs can also be fabricated with one stringer against the wall to enhance the structural efficiency.

Metal options


The aesthetic simplicity of this staircase requires that the treads be fixed on one side into a load-bearing wall, and on the other side the steel cables will be attached to the underside or side of the slab above.

For walls with less stability, the staircase can be manufactured with a stringer (stepped or straight) on the wall side, to distribute some of the load across the wall. Consult with your structural engineer for clarification.