We are very happy with the frameless door system. It was very efficient to have a standardized system for installing flush doors and allowed us to use some details that the project might have otherwise not been able to afford. – NYC Architect


The days of spendings hours and days sourcing the million pieces you need to make a precise, sound-insulated, sturdy pocket door are over. Insensation has designed a fool-proof, high-end pocket door system for the USA, FP1, packaged and installed quickly on site. Every pocket is precise, no adjusting or guessing how to make it work. You save time, money and get a perfect frameless aesthetic with top-quality hardware components and design details.


For almost 20 years, Insensation has been leading the market in frameless pocket door expertise. We have developed new oneplane™ frameless pocket door products which cover a wide range of frameless door solutions for high-end architecture. Insensation distinguishes itself from other frameless door providers in that we are experts on the planning, engineering and manufacturing of frameless doors. Our solutions cover all possible wall types, heights, widths and configurations of frameless swing and pocket doors and our references show it.

Our frameless pocket doors come in the following versions and have the following characteristics:
– single
– double
– room high
– maximum height 120”, maximum width 48”
– 1/2” sheetrock (plasterboard)
– single or double 5/8” sheetrock (plasterboard)
– finished wall thickness is 5.75 – 6.1 inches
– frameless
– soft-close
– push-to-open
– synchronous double
– adjustable stopper after wall closed
– flush handles
– flush locking
– 80 or 120 kg (up to 265 lbs) weight capacity

If you are a millworker or carpenter, we also sell our door frames with all components separately from our door leafs. Please check our ARCHIPLANE.COM site to order these and other high-end construction components.

Visit our unique Design Studio in Manhattan on 31st Street between Madison and Park Avenue to see the products live.

Insensation will continually enhance the oneplane™ frameless door portfolio and keep its standing as a leader in the frameless door market in both the USA and Europe.

To get pricing, send us your door schedule via our CONTACT FORM.

Insensation has a specialised website just for our oneplane™ frameless door offerings.


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