“Insensation os the Ferrari of frameless doors.” – New Jersey Luxury Home Builder

Frameless doors with true co-planarity and the ability to be flush with either side of the wall and still be push-in or pull-out.

oneplane™ FS1 is advanced frameless door technology. Our 2” (50 mm) door leafs provide outstanding luxury and superior sound protection over standard 1 3/4” doors.

The doors are delivered standard with high-quality lacquered finishes, pre-assembled with all components pre-milled and pre-hung – a great time saver for the contractor and cost savings for the client.

oneplane™ FS1 doors are available in single, double and room-high versions up to 157” (4000 mm)

We sell complete high-quality door leafs and jambs, pre-milled and pre-installed with hinges and lockcase. You only have to choose your doors levers separately. Our lockcases are standard world-wide and accept almost any lever or lock. If you select from our exclusive lever and lock range, we will prepare the milling for you.

If you need less than 5 doors, and have a contractor or millworker who can manufacture you the door leafs, we also sell our high-end frames including all the necessary kit and pre-milled technical components on our ARCHIPLANE.COM website. Delivery of frames-only takes only 2-3 weeks.

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Technical (CAD)

PLAN YOUR RAW WALL OPENINGS 3” larger than the required door leaf widths and 1.5” higher than the required door leaf heights.

We have specialized frameless doors for use with US 1/2” and 5/8” sheetrock.

We have specialized frameless doors for use with European 12.5 mm plasterboard and 15 mm Fermacell boards.

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