New York, 3 June 2020

Living in a busy world requires reduction – explicitly reduced living and work environments, where sensual overload is no longer desired or required.

Insensation has been specialized in frameless door technologies for over 15 years.    Our experience has shown us how to implement outstanding, reliable and easily-installed doors using state-of-the-art technology, locking, cores and frame design.   We don’t add bits of wood or leave the contractor with a pile of parts.  Our solutions are thought out, evolved and affordable.

We are proud to round out our complete frameless line of doors, SWING, POCKET and now SLIDE.    The new FSL1 Frameless Slide uses an invisible guide system.  The soft-closing features are standard and the door leafs are 2” thick – we’ve always believed a heavy door makes a better impression in high-end real estate.

Enjoy our new FSL1 Frameless Slide doors in your next project.


Insensation is based in North America in New York, NY and in Europe in Basel, Switzerland. We deliver worldwide.