Suite 150

Prices from $1120.00 per door.

Frameless doors with true co-planarity and the ability to be flush with either side of the wall and still be push-in or pull-out.

This is an advanced-technology door, with an extremely strong frame and mounting brackets, anodised in any color you wish, highest quality 3D hinges available in several colors, and a 2” (50 mm) door leaf.  The door comes with installation aids to ensure every door is perfectly installed.

We sell complete high-quality door leafs and jambs, pre-milled for hinges and lockcase, ready for installation.   You only have to choose your doors levers and locks separately.  Our lockcases are standard world-wide and accept almost any lever or lock.

For door leaf manufacturers, carpenters and cabinet makers, we also sell only the frames with hardware. The pricing for a 6’8″door frame, with 3 concealed hinges and magnetic lockcase starts at $410 per unit, excl. tax and delivery. The minimum quantity is normally 10 frames.

Suite 150 – Technical

Magnetic Lockcases

Concealed 3D hinges come in aluminum, black or white color. There is an upcharge for black or white.

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