Frameless doors with true co-planarity and the ability to be flush with either side of the wall and still be push-in or pull-out.

This is advanced frameless door technology, without visible strike plates, without a visible jamb over the entire wall throat size, without overlapping steel pieces which are inexact. Our frames are manufactured by one of the largest aluminum manufacturers in Europe, and thus are extremely strong, anodised in any color you wish, and include the highest quality 3D hinges available in several colors. Our 2” (50 mm) door leafs provide additional luxury and sound protection over standard 1 3/4” doors.  The doors are delivered pre-assembled with all components pre-milled and pre-installed – a great time saver for the contractor.

Available in a large range of door leaf options: lacquered matt or high-gloss, natural veneers or high-quality laminates, honeycomb, tubular and solid core.    For glass, aluminum, carbon-fibre or leather  frameless doors, please see our Exclusive 100 door below.

We sell complete high-quality door leafs and jambs, pre-milled for hinges and lockcase, ready for installation.   You only have to choose your doors levers and locks separately.  Our lockcases are standard world-wide and accept almost any lever or lock.  The minimum quantity is normally 5 doors.

For door leaf manufacturers, carpenters and cabinet makers, we also sell only the frameless frames for 2” door leafs with all the hardware (concealed hinges, magnetic lockcase, gaskets, millings).  The minimum order is 10 frames.

Documentation Suite 150

A corner aluminium door frame, built into the wall with advanced mounting techniques. Exclusive may be installed in any type of wall structure and finished with colored, transparent or mirror structural glazing, carbon fiber, natural and artificial veneers, leather and any lacquer color in matt or gloss effect.

Documentation Exclusive 100