In these turbulent times, when all manufacturers are being challenged to deliver on time and with reasonable cost, Insensation has maintained a very high level of service. In addition to our Real-Time Tracking of ocean shipments, we now offer Expedited shipping of our frameless doors.

Expedited shipping involves shipping the Frameless door frames ahead of the actual doors. The production and delivery of the frames is typically achieved in 3-4 weeks. The doors follow several weeks later, which allows the contractor to rapidly advance the wall work on the project.

If you are interested in this new option, drop us an email.

Keep in mind that Insensation delivers pre-milled, pre-assembled and pre-hung frameless doors as our STANDARD delivery. This will save your contractor thousands of dollars and time on installation. If you choose Expedited Shipping, assembly is required on site, like all other door manufacturers, which is a disadvantage for you. It is best to plan ahead, get the best product on the market, which is our pre-hung series. Beware what some companies call pre-hung..they mean knock-down, which is NOT pre-hung. Insensation doors are fully assembled, individually packaged and placed in secure wooden crates for shipment.

Insensation has large, active interior doors projects across the USA and Canada.

Insensation is headquartered in North America in New York, NY and in Europe in Basel, Switzerland. We deliver worldwide using the best Swiss transport company.