STAIRPLANE® STAIRS FOR $9,995 Our high-grade anodised aluminum staircases have been installed in fine homes and offices for over 20 years. Both the treads and the stringers are made of natural anodised aluminum, a luxury finish compared to painted steel. Our ‘Wing’ step combined with our glass and aluminum railing can now be ordered custom made with 15 risers for a mere $9,995 including delivery in the USA, Switzerland and Germany. Read more
NO ONE DOES FRAMELESS LIKE WE DO For more than 10 years, architects trust Insensation worldwide for our expertise in frameless door technology. Whether you need frameless swing or frameless pocket doors, wood or glass, frames in black, white, grey or brown, we are a one-stop shop for complete high-end solutions which work with all types of sheetrock and any kind of wall structure. Magnetic lockcases, more finishes, better price, stronger 2″ doors. Read more

STAIRPLANE® IN INTERIOR DESIGN MAGAZINE The talented practice of AM/MOR Architecture recently completed a gut renovation for a rooftop condominium in New York City. The tightness of the space called for excellent planning and imagination, which included a stairplane® high-grade aluminum staircase as well as a huge catwalk with full-glass safety railings. Read more