Insensation Frameless FS1 doors are universal, meaning they can be installed flush on either side of the wall. We use the identical frame and product whether the door is Push-In or Pull-Out, so contractors only have to learn one installation for all situations.

The FS1 can be installed in any kind of wall – metal stud, wood stud, brick, block or solid plaster. The thickest of the wall is irrelevant, as our frames our installed flush with one side, and the other side of the wall is built like any wall with drywall and an edge bead. Thus – truly universal.

To determine door swings, please use the following image. Remember there are only LEFT and RIGHT doors. A left Pull-Out and a left Push-In are the same exact door, only the frame is reversed 180° during the installation.









Please indicate LEFT or RIGHT on the Production Form for your doors.

Only Insensation FS1 Frameless Swing doors require a swing definition. All other frameless doors – Duo, Bypass, Slide and Pocket are universal products that can be switched left or right, in or outswing.