Spindles and metal wire railings? If they are not in your BMW, they don’t belong in your house.


We offer two kinds of code-compliant, sleek and minimal design railings for our staircases, landings, walkways and horizontal railings.

The framed glass railing is a minimal aluminum framed railing with a 9 mm safety glass, available in any color. The aluminum is natural anodised and is timeless. We can also color the railing in any RAL color you wish.

The frameless glass railings have no vertical profiles. The glass is 21 mm, structural, safety glass, which can be manufactured in any color. These railings cost significantly more as the glass is very thick and heavy. We also supply handrails for the top of the full glass railings in stainless steel and wood, as well as a range of matching aluminum and stainless steel handrails for the walls.

You can get a quick price for some of our railings to be used on our stair plane staircases on STAIRPLANE.COM

If you just want to buy the railings, with or without the glass, use our ARCHIPLANE.COM site.