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“Excellent service, follow-up and gorgeous products. I’m thrilled how the glass stair on my project really opens up the middle of the house and floods all levels with light. The details are impeccable!” – NYC Architect


All finishes, all colors, all configurations : 8 weeks plus delivery.
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Insensation manufactures unique designer glass staircases that contain not too much and not too little. This principle allows engineered designs for which there is nothing comparable on the rest of the market. We don’t imitate, we invent.

The base of our staircases is anodised aluminum. Our goal is to continually develop stairs that can be installed in the most diverse interiors, ranging from very modern and contemporary to more classical and even rustic.

Included in our pricing is the CAD planning of the staircase in both 2D and 3D models. This enables the architect to view the staircase from all possible angles and in very minute detail before we begin production.

Insensation develops complete staircase projects with almost all stair typologies and including stair runs, landings, bridges, walkways, railings, balustrades and handrails. The following railings can be used on the stairs:
Full Plate Railings
Framed Glass Railings
Frameless Glass Railings
Laser Railings
Stainless Steel Railings

We set the bar very high for our designs. We develop staircases that are both durable and timeless, our ultimate goal is to bring a considerable added value into your projects.

Come see these stairs in Manhattan in our showroom.

USA: code compliant variations
EU: code compliant variations

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CAD and other planning information for our stairplane™ staircases can be found in our TOOLBOX

Technical (CAD)

140 x 63 mm

Technical Spec

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220 x 10 mm
250 x 10 mm
300 x 10 mm

Also available in double and triple width versions as required for strength.

Technical Spec

PDF Plan