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“Every once in a while you see something, and you say Oh my God, that’s perfect!” – Florida Architect and Award Winning Builder

The framed glass railing is a aluminum railing with a 9 mm laminated safety glass. The comfortable aluminum handrail and posts are natural anodised and can also be powder-coated in any color.  The railings can be mounted on staircases, on the side of the opening around staircases, or on the floor. They come pre-milled and prepared to the last detail, making them extremely easy to install. The design has been praised by many architects around the world. The railings are a code-compliant, timeless solution where spindle or cable-wire railings are inappropriate due to their old-fashioned or industrial appearance, and full-glass railings are simply too expensive for the budget.

The railings are used in loft apartments in Zurich, modern homes in Denver, classic NYC brownstones and everywhere where a clean, aesthetic design is desired.

USA: code compliant
EU: code compliant

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