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All finishes, all colors, all configurations : 8 weeks plus delivery.
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Our capabilities in commercial staircases are only limited by your imagination and your budget.    With numerous design materials like anodised or powder-coated aluminum, glass, natural stone, concrete and any kind of wood, we create staircases which set themselves apart from clumsy steel implementations.

Limitation:  we do not produce any staircases which are fire-rated

Structure:  massive aluminum

Treads: glass, natural stone, wood, concrete

Illumination:  possible on glass treads, and underside of stone and concrete treads

Included in our pricing is the CAD planning of the staircase in both 2D and 3D models. This enables the architect to view the staircase from all possible angles and in very minute detail before we begin production.

USA: code compliant variations
EU: code compliant variations

Insensation develops complete staircase projects with almost all stair typologies and including stair runs, landings, bridges, walkways, railings, balustrades and handrails. The following railings can be used on the stairs:
Full Plate Railings
Framed Glass Railings
Frameless Glass Railings
Stainless Steel Railings

CAD and other planning information for our stairplane™ staircases can be found in our TOOLBOX