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“A 70 year-old retired engineer bought two of our staircases because he said the design was genius.”

All finishes, all colors, all configurations : 8 weeks plus delivery.
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Not only is this staircase design absolutely unique with no visible bolts, weld-marks or screws, our center beam staircases are manufactured with massive anodized aluminum, making a crane for installation unnecessary. Two people, 4 hours, and the staircase is installed.

The unique design allows staircases up to very large widths and heights. The angle of inclination is set by the use of a patented gear profile on the beams, which allows us to adjust the angle of inclination to any project. It is also great for tight spaces and loft ladders.

Included in our pricing is the CAD planning of the staircase in both 2D and 3D models. This enables the architect to view the staircase from all possible angles and in very minute detail before we begin production.

USA: code compliant as loft ladders
EU: code compliant in some countries

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CAD and other planning information for our stairplane™ staircases can be found in our TOOLBOX

Anodized aluminum staircases are not like steel staircases. They are stronger, lighter, and are works are art. Unlike steel, they are refined to the millimeter, and combined with safety glass, natural stone, anodized aluminum, polished concrete or massive wood treads. There are no weld marks, no tons of weight, no L-brackets, no bolting to the floor, no metal wire railings or massive steel beams like you see in factories. The stairs are installed at the end of your project along with the other fine finishes like kitchens and bathrooms.

Technical (CAD)

90 x 100 mm

Technical Spec

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