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“This is an anodized aluminum wonder!”

Most cantilever staircases have steps that are individually connected to the wall. The ST225 has one stringer (with all the steps attached) that is fixed to the wall, thereby increasing the load capacity considerably without demanding as much strength from the wall as a traditional cantilever.

You can save a lot of money by not installing spots because the stringer can be optionally be fit with LEDs, white or coloured. The stringers as well as the steps are 100% made of anodized aluminium. The hard top top layer (anodiyation) protects the stair against scratches and makes it easy to clean.

Included in our pricing is the CAD planning of the staircase in both 2D and 3D models. This enables the architect to view the staircase from all possible angles and in very minute detail before we begin production.

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CAD and other planning information for our stairplane™ staircases can be found in our TOOLBOX.

Anodized aluminum staircases are not like steel staircases. They are stronger, lighter, and are works are art. Unlike steel, they are refined to the millimeter, and combined with safety glass, natural stone, anodized aluminum, polished concrete or massive wood treads. There are no weld marks, no tons of weight, no L-brackets, no bolting to the floor, no metal wire railings or massive steel beams like you see in factories. The stairs are installed at the end of your project along with the other fine finishes like kitchens and bathrooms.

USA: code compliant as loft ladders
EU: code compliant in some countries

Technical (CAD)

225 x 60 mm

Technical Spec

PDF Plan Left

PDF Plan Right

DWG Left

DWG Right