Insensation® was founded in 1997. Having worked with some of the best minimalist architects in Europe, our decision to develop with sustainable materials, a limited palette and clean-line design was natural. We knew there were a lot of architects and designers who were disillusioned with paneled wood doors and massive steel staircases. The logic of these products was in direct conflict with the evolution of sustainable construction materials. We aim to reduce the visual noise in architecture, thus creating a healthier environment and timeless aesthetic.

Our strategy includes growing our existing brands and regularly introducing new products that offer sustainability, excellent value and long-term quality.   To maintain our leadership position, we are continually expanding our North American network and providing excellently engineered, complete solutions and not just pieces to a puzzle.


stairplane™ was our first brand. After breaking enough backs with massive center-beam staircases, and being disgusted with weld marks, bolts and cable-wire railings, we set out to deliver a revolutionary new concept in staircase design using anodized aluminum. While the world moved on from wooden and steel cars, from primarily wooden buildings, the staircase market has largely remained antiquated. Apple Computer in its use of modern materials like aluminum and glass was a forerunner in bringing awareness for modern staircases in their flagship stores. With stairplane™, we have taken the concept further, and added integrated lighting, natural stone, concrete and a range of architectural finishes to our unique range of staircases. Aluminum is a metal which allows endless opportunities for design and creativity but which, at the same time, responds fully to modern demands in terms of environment and sustainability.



As we began working with frameless doors in Europe, years before most the world even heard the word frameless, we gathered extensive experience in what works and what doesn’t. Today, many companies in North America will still try to sell you pieces, a profile here, a hinge there, and convince you that you can make frameless doors. For the non-inexperienced, with lots of time to waste, this seems like a reasonable adventure, but after your result falls apart, you will discover that a complete solution will save you time, money and your reputation. oneplane™ is the culmination of a complete line of proven interior and entrance doors, all frameless or co-planar, all high-end and all installed without tremendous effort or planning time.



After 20+ years of manufacturing custom staircases and doors for high-end clients, architects and contractors, we decided to offer a selection of our minimalistic stair treads, door frames, railings and hardware, to create your own designs.  With archiplane™, we bring you a selection of our own architectural design components, which you can use in your projects as you wish.

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The Convex® line of door levers and locks is undoubtedly one of the most extensive and highest quality on the market. Designers often get high talking about oil-rubbed-bronze but when you get past the lingo, if you are not using modern magnetic lock cases without visible strike plates, if you are not using 3D concealed hinges, if you are not using magnetic stoppers, flush handles or digital locking, you are missing the technological advances of the last 15 years. Our unique and minimalist Convex® line of door hardware is on display in our studio in the design district of New York. For clients using our hardware with our doors, we also take care of the milling – leaving you even more time for that after work cocktail.



OnLevel® is the world leader in frameless glass balustrades for contractors. The engineering of these elements (you provide the glass locally) is based around safety, aesthetics and ease of installation. We use OnLevel® railing profiles in our stairplane™ staircases and balustrades, and you can use them outside on your latest tower project balconies. These profiles are for big projects – airports, shopping centers, schools, where a steel-product could never keep up with aethetics or maintanance.