When choosing frameless doors for your project, there is a huge range of inferior products flooding the USA market. The vast majority of these are products with little or no engineering details to ensure stability, ease-of-installation and outstanding functionality. Companies that advertise frameless doors for $300 are clearly scams to attract your interest. Steel frameless doors are completely outdated and poorly engineered.  Doors from Home Depot and Wayfair are pure junk.  None of these have engineered solutions which hold up over time or offer thick, 2″ slabs with excellent sound protection and significant weight.   A heavy, fat door, is the best door you can buy.  This is true for both interior and exterior security doors – we sell both.

The details in frameless door engineering are largely not discernible to the private client. Architects and contractors are trained to understand loads, structural integrity, adaptability to all wall types and ease of installation. For that reason, it is imperative to get your architect or contractor involved, as they will save you lots of headache and poor decisions regarding the longevity of the doors for your luxury home.

The most important factor in selecting a high-quality frameless door is the engineering of the frame, the strength of the aluminum frame, the thickness and quality of the door leafs and the available hardware and design options.

Don’t be fooled by the myriad of companies claiming to have ‘italian design’ but are manufactured in a garage in Miami. Italian design generally means ‘gaudy’ and over priced, and has nothing to do with quality.

If the doors are only 1 9/16″ or 1 3/8″ thick, you don’t want them in your house. Those are for cheap rental apartments. These thin doors generally are manufactured by companies in eastern Europe like Belarus or Hungary and often Italy.

If the doors use a steel ‘jamb’, know that these are first generation jambs which are extremely likely to cause cracked walls. In a survey of over 1000 architects in New York, we discovered that 95% of them will no longer use steel frameless jambs, due to wall cracking and ruined reputations using such. Any frame that is so poorly engineered to only use a thin skim coat of plaster over the frame will crack, ruining your entire project.

Beware of any company that wants to install their own frameless doors. If the products can not be installed easily by any contractor, they are poorly designed and engineered. Insensation doors are pre-hung AND pre-assembled, making installation as easy as a battery drill to attach the entire completed assembly to your underlying wall structure. No videos needed! Just read our 3 simple steps.

If there are different products for different wall types, thicknesses, push in and pull out, then it is poorly engineered. A top-quality frame works the same in all instances and is called ‘universal‘, like the frames we manufacture.

If the skins of the doors are 2 or 3 mm, then it is poorly engineered. Insensation high-end doors have 7 mm skins and are impact resistant and provide excellent acoustic comfort between the rooms. Italian and eastern European doors with honeycomb cores are as good as a curtain, providing no sound protection at all – the same goes for thin doors less than 1.75″.

Do not buy laminates.  Laminate is nothing but cheap plastic that looks like wood – good for a McDonalds, but not your home.   Insensation uses real white oak veneers on all our doors.

Test the doors! Insensation has 7 innovative showrooms located in city centers around the USA. Architects and contractors are welcome to see and test the doors in our showrooms.

Insensation is the only company, world-wide, which offers frameless doors with Intact Intelligent Installation.

Compare Carefully

Get quotes, compare engineering, ease of installation, door thickness (size matters, for high-end architecture, you want at least 2″ doors), range of options and price, but mostly check quality reviews on Yelp. Inform yourself with an engineer or qualified construction expert before you purchase any frameless products. Get references and make sure your architect studies the CAD details before you purchase any product. If you need guidance, let us know.

Work with Experts

Insensation does not work with dealers or distributors. Building a multi-million dollar home should not be trusted to a 2nd or 3rd in line distributor who is not intimately involved in the development of the products they sell. We design and deliver our own technologies, we run our own high-tech showrooms and we work directly with top-tier architects and contractors. Our swiss engineering is unsurpassed in this industry – passion for the smallest details, high quality and exceptional designs. We create unique products through the combination of a Swiss approach to design, mutual inspiration and creative impulses with our manufacturing partners.

You will also find a wealth of information about our products in our Fast Facts section.




Pre-hung, pre-assembled

Universal frame for all walls and directions

Strong, engineered aluminum frame

High-end concealed hinges and magnetic locks

Acoustic gasket

Three high-performance door cores 

Door leaf finishes, frame colors, hinge colors, lock colors


Real wood veneers

Pocket door, frameless

Barn doors, frameless

Double doors, frameless

Bypass doors, frameless

Pivot doors, frameless

Milled handles

Door levers

Glass inserts

Ventilation slots for HVAC rooms

Production Time

Production Capacity

Delivery Time





Starting at $795 for 2" thick, luxury doors

Delivered indivdually packaged, ready to be placed as one unit in the rough opening of your walls.  No videos required.

One product, all installation variations.  This is achieved by our engineering which leads to easy and fast installation and functional minimalist design.

The thick, dual-point fixed aluminum frame can carry great weight and prevents all torsion for the hinges.  Any frame which only uses a thin, skim coat of plaster will lead to wall cracking.

Our 3D hinges and locks comprise $225 of our total price.  Beware of cheap and ugly hinges of others.

Integrated acoustic gaskets add sound protection.  Some thin steel frames from others have no sound protection or really cheap gaskets

All available for everything from closets to sound-proof home theatres

Huge range avaiable for complete customization

Laminate is cheap plastic and doesn't belong in high-end homes.  It looks like plastic because it is.

Only real wood in more than 21 finishes including American walnut

Perfectly engineered pocket with double drywall construction, wall reception and recessed door in track to provide the best acoustic protection availalbe in a pocket door.  Double plated drywall for acoustic protection.  Strong pre-engineered frame.

Minimalist solution, no visible track.   We call it Frameless Slide because there are no cows in our house

Solutions for Master Suites and closet doors

Minimalist solution, no visible track., soft-stop and soft-close

Minimalist solution, no frame, high-end Fritz Jurgens hardware, pop-up floor stop

We master this, even with wood veneer

65 models in 20 finishes, all pre-milled for free

Yes, many designs

Yes, many designs

4 weeks for primed doors, 5-6 for real wood veneers

15,000 doors and growing due to new production lines

10 days from Europe, fully insured

Founded in 1997 in Switzerland.  Incorporated in New York in 2015

7 exclusive showrooms in the USA