For almost 20 years, Insensation has been leading the market in frameless door expertise. We have developed new oneplane™ frameless door products for specific markets and cover a wide range of frameless door solutions for high-end architecture. Insensation distinguishes itself from other door providers in that we only manufacture frameless doors. Our engineering is focussed on creating the highest quality frameless swing and pocket doors in the world and our references show it.

This video shows our WB40 frameless door with flush handles, high-end magnetic lock cases, touch-to-open, digital locking and soft-closing mechanisms. This technology is the most exclusive available in the frameless door market today. The frames are extremely strong, utilise Simonswerk hinges and include a range of features demanded by high-end architecture.

Leading architects in New York and around the world implement Insensation’s frameless doors, as they know they represent the most exclusive and finest quality available on the market. With various solutions for wall structure, heights, widths and door typologies, Insensation offers universal solutions which are easily installed with unique installation aids which other companies simply don’t have. Our solutions are based on precision manufactured aluminum, using highly differentiated german engineered components and door cores. Top architects and designers in the USA and Europe trust our frameless doors for their exclusive projects.

Insensation will continually enhance the oneplane™ frameless door portfolio and keep its standing as a leader in the frameless door market in both the USA and Europe.

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