23 Years – 5000 Clients – 11 Countries
Today we celebrate 23 years of Insensation. While over half of all companies do not survive their first year in business, we have been spreading our knowledge for quite a long time. It is amazing to think that we have over 5000 clients, with our creations being used in 10 countries in Europe and across the USA. This month we also celebrate our 5th anniversary on the US market. In a short time, we have participated in significant architectural projects in New York, Miami, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco and Washington D.C. It has been an inspiration working with great minds – architects who understand minimalism and appreciate the value of quality.

3D Printing with Stairs
On a recent trip to our headquarters in Switzerland, I spoke with swiss architects about our long-standing presence on the staircase market and was pleased to hear that many architects are now developing their designs with 3D printing. This allows them to create 3D models of their creations. Insensation has been innovating with 3D staircase treads and stringers for a long time. We have stair treads which are geometrically shaped like symmetrical and asymmetrical airfoils, obtuse triangles, trapeziums and podium shapes – something no other stair manufacturer has ever attempted. Our stringer geometries include H-shaped holms, minimalist 1/2” slabs, interlocking L-beams and innovative C-beams which allow us to create classic, cantilevered and projecting stair treads.

Our visionary staircases and doors are installed in most European countries, up and down the Swiss Alps, in cities like Zürich, Paris, London, all over the USA from San Francisco to Vero Beach, Florida, and of course all over the metropolitan New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area, as we are located here. Our extensive experience working with anodized, color-anodized and powder-coated high-grade aluminum (think Apple Computer, which incidentally also released the first Macintosh computer on this date in 1984) constructions has given us the ability to amaze thousands of clients who were looking for staircases which are more than a chuck of wood or steel for their projects.

Design with the TOOLBOX
You will find our staircase modeling tools in our staircase TOOLBOX. This is here to inspire you, to stretch your ideas, and to allow you to create visionary staircases for residences and commercial spaces which you never dreamed possible.

Thanks for the 23 years of collaboration. We will continue to press all the boundaries, both in staircase and frameless door engineering, as we leave our subtle marks on the architecture of this century.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs

New York, January 24, 2020