November 23, 2019

REVEALATION Having lived on both sides of the Atlantic, twenty-nine years in Europe and twenty-nine years in the USA, I can assure you there is a huge difference in construction methods on the two continents.  I was impressed when I started in construction in  Switzerland in 1990s.  The solidity of the construction was far beyond … Read More


November 21, 2019

Sales Representatives New York, Los Angeles, Miami Insensation was founded in Switzerland over 20 years ago, and is specialized in high-quality doors, hardware, staircases, railings and specialized furniture. We are expanding our North American operations and seeking additional Sales Representatives in several geographies to work with our motivated teams. Our products are unique and of … Read More


November 17, 2019

Insensation was proud to deliver two custom, glass staircases for an outstanding piece of architecture on Greene Street in Soho, NYC. The loft is a precisely detailed living space with an amazing layout over 3 floors. We got to spend some time with the contractor during the staircase installation and were enormously impressed with the … Read More


November 10, 2019

LOVER’S OBJECT Growing up in close proximity to Manhattan, I spent every weekend of my younger years in the Village and Soho, which at the time was the height of ‘loft living’ – industrial space turned habitable – nothing like what people call lofts today. Being a minimalist at heart, there was nothing I did … Read More


November 7, 2019

If you are a minimalist, you will inherently understand the beauty of these doors.   For those projects where a high-end, co-planar oak door is required, we have created a minimalistic door line called RT3 which has handcrafted oak leafs and jambs. The leafs are co-planar with the outside wall in both push-in and pull-out … Read More