After 21 years on the European market, Insensation has become an established leader in the frameless door and high-end staircase market. With over 4500 clients in 10 countries, our growth in the last years has been significant. High-end property developers, as well as renown architects and general contractors have taken to the european design and engineering we deliver. Insensation is recognised for our ability to deliver outstanding products which save investors money, and provide them with an increased return-on-investment for their real estate. Insensation has coverage in most of the North American territories, Europe and Israel, and the demand for the high-quality and perfect European engineering of our doors and staircases is growing.

With a strengthened, highly talented team, the Insensation group of companies in the USA, Switzerland and Germany look forward to further growth in the second half of 2018. Find out why our doors and staircases are chosen by some of the best architects and designers in the world.