ZEN Pivot Carbon
It is not by chance that carbon fiber is considered the “New Black” in modern design with its amazing strength-to-weight ratio and uniqueness of texture.
Utilized for the first time in architectural applications, after aerospace, automotive engineering, etc. by Alumil Group, carbon fiber provides a new level of elegance and design.

Zen Catalog

ZEN Pivot Base
Express yourself creatively and enjoy the harmony of simplicity by selecting amongst a wide variety of anodizing, sable or RAL colors that will realize the entrance that you envision.

ZEN Pivot Engrave
Engrave your inspiration on the leaf by customizing the design according to your aesthetics.
 ZEN Engrave Models provide freedom of expression and individualism, with your professional brand name, logo, or any other message engraved on the door, ensuring the first impression is unique and creative.

Zen Pivot Glass
Open a ZEN door and glance to your dream space.
 Simplicity is bliss, and this ZEN glass series is designed to make this motto a reality.

Zen Pivot Wood
ZEN Wood combines harmoniously the temporal sensation of wood, by selecting amongst various types of wood-effect finishes, with the minimal and modern style of aluminium.
 The variety of materials and colors that enrich the series guarantees that you will definitely meet your aesthetic needs

ZEN Base
The coplanar surfaces between wall, frame and sash characterize the system, offering pure clean lines. State-of-the-art accessories guarantee security and performance under any conditions.

Zen Carbon
The minimal design of the system allows for the perfect integration of your Entrance Door to the residence facade, offering flexibility, functionality and exceptional performance.
 Electronic access is provided by the installation of a fingerprint identification scanner or numeric key pad.

Zen Engrave
Maximum versatility and customization allows for communicating your message, inspiration, or even just the street number of your residence.

Zen Glass
Simple and modern at the same time, Glass models may reflect your taste by selecting among various glazing options.
 Structural transparent glass allows for natural light enrichment of the inner environment while directly connecting it with the outer space.

Zen Wood
Limitless architecture with temporal feelings, utilization of natural veneers with special processing for external environments, offer elegance and style.
LED illumination on the external recessed handle enlightens your entrance.