For over 20 years, Insensation has partnered with innovative, best-in-class companies to deliver a unique, sustainable and innovative product line for architects and contractors. Our offering is incomparable to standard solutions in quality and price.

Insensation collaborates with and represents the innovative INTERNO door division of ALUMIL in North America. Innovation that is backed by a unique, long tradition of ALUMIL in Research and Development, planning, studying and constantly developing new internationally certified products. The Research and Development division consists of 20 experienced engineers. ALUMIL is one of the largest aluminum manufacturers in Europe with 1700 employees and a capacity to produce 30,000 doors per year in their 17 factories. With over 20 unique models, ALUMIL is a world leader in architectural doors.

Insensation and GRAAH have been business partners since 2004. These amazing staircases are installed in the best homes and offices for over 20 years in Europe. These staircases are making steel staircases obsolete. Visit our ‘Sample Workshop’ in New York for a convincing demonstration.

Insensation’s partner for door hardware is CONVEX. The partnership for North America and some European countries is strengthened by Insensation’s 20 years of technical expertise in the architectural door sector.

Insensation’s New York contracting partner is Vesta Construction. Vesta is here for those clients who do not have their own contractor or wish to use one who has experience in installing our unique staircases and interior doors.

Insensation’s Swiss installation partner is Vinthome. Vinthome has been installing Insensation staircases for many years all over Switzerland and Germany.